Comprehensive IT Support - Help Desk - Remote or Onsite Support

We provide comprehensive IT infrastructure, IT support services and quality consulting to anyone who needs it, and that can range from businesses big or small, hotels; property owners and non-profit organizations.


Your computers will fail. Through wear-and-tear, any system’s internal components will eventually break down, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Fortunately for you, the IT professionals at TMB IT SOLUTIONS possess the expertise to provide a thorough analysis of almost any piece of computing hardware or accessory. Our ability to determine the root of a problem, find a solution for the problem, and implement a solution sets us apart from the competition. With our fast and accurate analysis, we are then able to fix or replace the malfunctioning piece of hardware and get it working again quickly, limiting downtime.

Struggling with load shedding, we can provide you with cost effective solutions to protect your sensitive computers and hardware from outages and dirty surges. 

Have you recently purchased a new computer, but don’t know how to move your files, pictures, and programs from the old computer to the new computer? We can help. By remotely connecting to your old computer, we can collect the data that is most important to you and assist with getting the information you need to reinstall programs. Then when we connect to the new computer, we’ll get everything transferred and help you to install programs and  so you can hit the ground running with your new computer.

Have you purchased a new router to replace your faulty or old device. We can assist you the setup process. Give us a call to arrange a appointment. 

Looking for a new laptop or is on the verge of dying on you. We can assist according to your budget. 

Repairs and upgrades to all major brands.

We can clone your existing hard drive onto a new bigger drive without loosing any data.  Should you wish to migrate from a traditional hard drive onto a solid state drive we can assist you. 

SSD drives or Solid State drives are typically 50% faster than the traditional drives.